Mosquito Control Sydney

With spring and summer on their way, the warmer days unfortunately mean more mosquitoes too. Apart from posing safety concerns, such as being carriers of various non-fatal (allergens) and fatal diseases (dengue, malaria, etc), they can be irritating if in high numbers.

Whether they’re disrupting your afternoon barbeque or buzzing by your ear at night, mosquitoes can be irritating pests – even if they’re being kept at bay by nets. Mosquitoes bites become itchy, and for more sensitive skin types, may swell to develop pus-carrying wounds – in all, they’re a pest for sure.

Miracle Pest Control has got you sorted. We use a highly effective, and safe pesticide – suited for both indoors and outdoors – to keep mosquitoes out of your home, office or garden. What’s more, our mosquito control service keeps your air fresh and pleasantly-scented!

After our services, you need to be active in your maintenance to ensure a further decrease of mosquitoes around your location. Our pest control spoils their breeding cycles, keeping your space safe in the long run – but here are some easy steps to follow:

  • Be careful with your placing of water containers (such as gutters, buckets, open water tanks, or bird baths)
  • Change water frequently, so as not to attract mosquitoes – mosquitoes breed in stagnant water